Soil Testing Process at Back to Your Roots

Midwest Labs is now offering a customized soil testing package just for our growers and consultants.

This package combines Midwest Labs’ most widely used Base Saturation extraction with Dr. Rick Haney’s H3A extraction. What’s the purpose of two tests you ask? These two tests together will address the high UNAVAILABLE calcium numbers, give an accurate phosphate extraction, and allow us the ability to assess your crop quality and weed pressure. That is a home run in our opinion!

We have been talking about carbon in the soil for quite some time now and it only makes sense to come up with a good way to measure it. As an addition to the base package we are also offering a water extractable carbon and nitrogen test. The combination of this with the organic matter percentage will not only tell us the potential carbon in the soil but also the quality of that carbon. A large percentage of organic matter in the soil is just not enough. You need quality organic matter for biological activity.

Soil Works LLC is preparing reports for us based on the data received from Midwest Labs. The format of the report will quickly address the problems at a glance. The issues will be highlighted in red along with a note describing the issue. There will be a bar graph showing desired mineral balance as well as a graph for your observed mineral balance. This will help the grower/consultant quickly see where the imbalances are.

We are most excited about the new addition of observed phosphorus to potassium ratio. This is important to note because herbicide resistance has been seen in soils with a P:K ratio of 0.125:1, or 8 times more potassium than phosphorus. Has this sunk in yet? A soil test that can actually predict POTENTIAL weed  issues!

To prepare a soil sample collect soil from the aerobic zone (typically the top 2‐3 inches) and fill a sample bag to the fill line (approximately two cups). If you do not have a soil sample bag you may use a breathable container like a paper lunch bag. Make sure you label the sample with as much information as possible so you can match your results to the correct location.

If you have any questions, please call (306) 747‐4744 and we will walk you through it.