ABCs of Soil Health

ABCs of Soil Health

At BTYR we are dedicated to educating about healthy soil, creating efficiencies and transitioning from a system that requires many protection measures
to one that is alive, efficient and resilient to stress. We have implemented the ABCs of Soil Health to assist with the process of regaining soil function.
Each step is essential in restoring the soil’s ability to grow healthy crops.

A: Air/Aerobic

The first step is focused on opening the soil and creating soil structure. We are building an aerobic environment to host the aerobic microbes in the soil. The mineral that has the highest flocculating value (or the ability to structure the soil) is calcium.

B: Biology

The second step is focused on Biology. Once we have the soil structured for them to exist, grow, eat, reproduce, and die, we start adding microbes from Microbe teas and other inoculants, to ensure there is food year-round. It is also important to start adopting practices that will ensure the microbes can grow and diversify. Each type of biology in the soil has a specific job to the function and efficiency of the soil.

C: Carbon

Once we have the environment and the soil life alive and well, we focus on building carbon. The carbon cycle is explained further on this website. Essentially, it is the corner post of life, and needed for quality in the plant, food for microbes, and resilience in the soil.

The Mission of Back To Your Roots

Our mission is to provide producers with access to environmentally friendly products that address soil problems and facilitate sustainable farming practices. With focus on proper soil analysis and evaluation, our goal is to assist producers to identify the underlying causes of the soil problems and develop understanding to correct these problems.