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Back To Your Roots Soil Solutions was founded in 2006. Equipped with no more than a refractometer, a minivan, some calcium and a passion for growing nutrient dense food, Cindy began her quest. She has spent hundreds of hours walking fields with producers and studying under the leaders in soil science. This led to the development of an environmentally conscious and commonsense program that addresses imbalances and corrects the problem rather than masking the symptoms.

The Back To Your Roots program is based on the science of Dr. Carey Reams. He was a brilliant chemist and agronomist that discovered the direct link between soil health to plant health and ultimately to human health. During his lifetime, Dr. Reams was considered a bit of a renegade by many with his unconventional thinking and outside the box approach to science. But if we look at history, we will see how many of our revolutionary thinkers went against mainstream knowledge and beliefs to transform the world as we understand it today.

The soil beneath our feet is so much more than an inert substance that simply holds our structures. It is a dynamic ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, minerals, energy, plant debris, gas and liquid. Back To Your Roots works with farmers, greenhouse operators, gardeners and landscapers to establish a balanced system of minerals, microbes and energy within the soil. This creates an environment that naturally works to promote healthy and nutrient rich food.

At Back To Your Roots we provide consumers with access to environmentally friendly products that address soil problems and facilitate sustainable farming practices. With a focus on proper soil analysis and evaluation, our goal is to assist producers to identify the underlying causes of the soil problems and develop an understanding of how to correct these problems.


  1. How do we choose the products we recommend?
    We have put together the line of products based on years of research. We understand how the soil works and the minerals that are needed to create soil that will grow healthy, nutrient dense crops. Each product we have is low salt, mineral based, and often organically verified. Each mineral has a characteristic, and we understand how to balance the soil and support the life within.
  2. Are your products only for organic production systems?
    Many of our products are organic verified, however, our products work on all production systems. If you have soil, we can help you with any problems you may be experiencing.
  3. How are your products applied?
    Most of our products are mixed with water and applied through a sprayer. Some of the products can be applied to the seed prior to planting, and others can be applied in row. We have set up detailed Mixing Instructions in written form, video form, and we have representatives that you can call to help you with any questions you may have.
  4. Does your program work on all soil types?
    Following the ABC principles that we have developed, our program is effective for creating a healthier environment on all soil types.

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