The Intelligent Farmer

Author: Dr. A.F. Beddoe, D.D.S.

What is Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) and how does it apply to soil and plant feeding and growth? If you want to be thoroughly introduced to why RBTI farming technology can change your life and the life of your farm, you need to read this book.

When Weeds Talk

Author: Jay L. McCaman

"The purpose of weeds is to correct soil problems" – Jay McCaman

This second edition features more varieties of weeds and identifies the poor soil conditions that foster their growth. ‘When Weeds Talk’ is a wonderful resource that illustrates the connection between mineral imbalances and the weeds that thrive in certain environments. Read more about When Weeds Talk...

Maximum Gains - A Guide to Nutrient Dense Farming

Author: Christopher Kniffen

"Based on the concepts and experience of: Glen Rabenberg and Christopher Kniffen" – Christopher Kniffen

Food production and consumption is about much more than caloric intake – it should ideally be about quality. High-quality food has the power to prevent cancer, genetic mutations, and diseases. Only farming systems that regenerate soils are able to produce such high-quality food. Referred to as nutrient-dense, these foods taste delicious without additives. They are also vital means of restoring ecosystems and revitalizing our communities.

Human and animal health centers around obtaining an adequate diet. Our bodies sense when we are deficient in nutrients. All animals, including humans, eat on a nutritional basis. If the products we consume – regardless of how they are grown – do not meet our nutritional requirements, hunger remains. So what is missing in our food that leaves us so nutritionally unsatisfied?

In this book we will discuss and present a three-factor approach outlining how to grow nutrient dense food. More than a book, this is your guide to improving the plant-soil ecosystem for the current and future generations.