BIOPOLIN® is a pollination enhancer that is sprayed on crops while they are blossoming. It then naturally stimulates insect activity at the plant to produce higher yields.

Designed for use on fruit trees, berries, legumes and canola, BIOPOLIN® is a pollination enhancer. It is sprayed on the crops while they are blossoming, simulating ┬ápollinators to become more active and thus they are more often visited by these insects. This results in better pollination and consequently substantial increase in yield and its quality.

BIOPOLIN® is manufactured with the use of advanced microencapsulation technology which prevents rapid evaporation of the stimulants shortly after product application. The substances are placed in microcapsules and are gradually released. Therefore, the stimulating effect to pollinators is stable and extended in time.


It is found that the number of pollinating insects visiting the flowers of crops significantly increases after the application of BIOPOLIN®. This mainly applies to honey bee but also to other insect pollinators (red mason bee, bumblebee).

Greater number of visits made by pollinating insects results in:

  • Improved fruit set
  • Greater number of seeds in fruits
  • Increased size of fruits
  • A significant yield improvement

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