According to Jay McCaman, weeds are plants making scarcely more than vegetative growth on soils too low in fertility for other kinds of plant growth.

If we look at the origin of the word, “weed” in Anglo-Saxon means little herb.  If herbs are meant for healing, then maybe weeds may be of benefit to the soil.

Weeds can assist in erosion control, often emerge where there is no ground cover, can penetrate deep into the subsoil, and loosen it.  They also bring up minerals and can make it possible for root systems of less vigorous species to follow.

Usually emerge in soil conditions that are low in available Calcium and Phosphates, and higher in Magnesium and Potassium. Seldomly though is there only one soil or environmental condition.

The energy level of a weed is the same as or a little higher than that of the soil on which they grow.

“The purpose of weeds is to correct soil problems” – Jay McCaman.

Unfortunately, by reacting to this symptom and destroying it, we do not get the message about what is happening in the soil.