Phosphorous is the workhorse in the soil. All minerals other than Nitrogen should enter the plant in the phosphate form. In cooperation with Calcium, photosynthesis is increased and the production of sugar is greater.

Phosphorus is found in several forms in the soil, i.e.: P1, P2, and P204. P204 is the organic state that is stable in the soil and available to the plants. All other forms of phosphorous require metabolic changes before the plant is able to utilize it.

Characteristics of Phosphate include:

  • More vigorous and rapid growth.
  • Early root development.
  • Better development and quality of grain.
  • Hastened maturity.
  • Increased nitrogen uptake.
  • Increased mineral content.
  • Higher BRIX readings in plant sap.
  • Promotes energy release in cells, cell division, and enlargement, photosynthesis.
  • Contained in the cell DNA.