Pacific Natural® Fresh Fish Fertilizer

NPK rating: 2-3-0

Characteristics: Looks and flows like chocolate milk, slight fish odour

From our Supplier:

Pacific Natural® is a high quality organic, enzymatic, liquefied, stabilized fertilizer made from wild ocean fish. It is suitable for use as a foliar spray, root feeder, soil nutrition builder and compost accelerator. It is an excellent plant and soil food which stimulates soil microorganisms resulting in healthier plants.

Pacific Natural® is made using a unique process called low temperature enzymatic hydrolysis. This results in the natural enzymes, nutrients and minerals present in the fish to remain in their natural form and not become denatured through exposure to extreme heat, like in fish emulsions. Thus more of the beneficial components of the fish are made available to soil microorganisms and to plants.

Pacific Natural® is double screened through an 80 mesh screen and can be applied with normal methods including seed treatment, side-dressing and any type of irrigation system, including sprinklers, injectors, spray rigs, aerial spraying and underground drip systems.

Pacific Natural® must be mixed with water

Pacific Natural® concentrate has a PH of approximately 3.5 which enables it to be stable and dormant for at least 1 year. It must be mixed well or agitated prior to dilution with water and then agitated again to bring the material to a neutral PH that starts its bioactivity and makes the mixture homogenous. Addition of extra water is not harmful as it acts as a carrier. The amount of water may be adjusted to suit your equipment and the crop it is being applied to.

Pacific Natural® stores well in moderate cold or heat.

DO NOT STORE DILUTED MATERIAL in a sealed container, do not leave in irrigation lines or drop systems. Product must be flushed out with clean water or an approved line cleaner. Diluted product will become bioactive and if left in a sealed environment, microbial growth may occur that causes odour, gassing, clogging of irrigation systems and render the product ineffective.